What are the benefits of buying a franchised business?
Purchasing a franchised business has become popular because it offers brand identification beyond what one store can accomplish, a successful and proven business model, and ongoing support. Franchising offers the franchisee the advantage of starting up a new business quickly by providing a turn-key operation and taking the trial and error part out of the equation.

What does The Get Polished! Nail Spa™ franchise offer?
The Get Polished! Nail Spa™ franchise will provide a seamless business operation for you which includes:

• Site selection assistance
• Complete store design and build out information
• A comprehensive training program
• 40 hours of on-site training at your location prior to opening
• A comprehensive Operations manual on loan
• Procurement program
• A thorough Training manual with on-going training programs and quality control
• Advertising campaigns
• Continuous Research and Development

Am I a good candidate to become a Get Polished! Nail Spa™ Franchisee?
Ask yourself the following questions:

• Am I customer service oriented and an outgoing "people" person?
• Do I have the skill set to manage a staff of front desk operators and service providers?
• Am I willing to work extra to own my own business?
• Am I willing to follow someone else's system?
• Do I have the financial resources and am I willing to take the financial risk to open and operate this business?
• Do the company goals and my personal goals match up?
• Is this a business/industry that I am really interested in working in?
• Is my family supportive of this?
If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably a good candidate!

Do I need experience in the Beauty Industry to qualify?
No, you do not need to have experience in the Beauty Industry to be considered. We look for franchisees that have solid business management skills and a commitment to excellent customer service.

Do I have to run the business full time?
One owner must be designated with the responsibility of overseeing the general operations and business activities of the salon. In addition, the General Manager, which may, but is not required to be an owner, must be designated with the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the salon and must devote his or her full time energy and best effort towards the management, operation, promotion and growth of the business.

How much is it going to cost to open a Get Polished! Nail Spa™ franchise?
Depending upon a number of factors, the total cost to open a Get Polished! Nail Spa™ franchise is estimated to range between Peso 850,000 (for 6 seats) and Peso 1,000,000 (for 10 seats). This cost includes everything you will need to open a complete turn-key operation.

What are the franchise and royalty fees? Is there also a monthly required marketing fee?
The franchise fee is Peso 350,000 and the monthly royalty fee is Peso1,000/service station per month for the first year; Peso 1,500/service station for the second year and Peso 2,000/service station starting third year and beyond. The franchise term is for 5 years. We opted to have a fixed fee as opposed to a percentage of sales to ensure smooth relationship between Get Polished and the franchisee.

What are the financial requirements to qualify?
In order to ensure that our franchisees will be able to qualify with both lenders and landlords, we require that potential franchisees have at least Peso 1,000,000 in liquid capital.